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The mailbags and sealbags specialist and supplier.

Reliability and experience in combination with innovation and creativity makes Jong Europe a specialist in the Transport Security industry. 

Our mailbags and sealbags meet a number of important requirements: quality, safety, durability and personalized for your company or organization.

Jong Europe has over 25 years of experience in custom design and production of high-quality (reusable) mailbags, medical transport bags, cooler bags and security bags.

The various bags are equipped with a patented tamper evident closing system with matching sealing seals.

In addition to the various bags, Jong Europe is a specialist in the custom design and production of sealbags, security tape and labels for many applications, equipped with a tamper evident closing system to prevent fraud and theft.For the mail delivery companies,

Jong Europe supplies mail bicycles and mail carts composed according to your wishes with accompanying mail bags, handlebar bags, newspaper bags, shoulder bags and bicycle bags.

Together with you we look at the needs and wishes in order to arrive at a suitable end product.

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